At the age of 24 he started his career as a goldsmith in his parent's studio. In 1986 he got his first goldsmith diploma and spent the next three years as and independent artist. And in the meanwhile he studied fine arts of sculpturing. In 1990 he officially became an International Master of Fine Arts and decided to become an independent culture worker.

And something happened. The boy, born in 1960, became a father. This time his lovely wife, Bojana, gave birth to a son whom they named Timi.

Two or three years later the boy-who-was alias the man-who-is became a member of a commission for goldsmith fine-arts. But that didn't stop him. His hunger for knowledge, his lust for life drew him on and is still pushing him onwards. He is still looking for new ways, new methods, new tricks that will help him do even better. And so the quest went on. And it went on and on. It rolled like an almighty rock, crushing everything ahead of him and leaving nothing but destruction and devestation behind him.

the nightmare continues here